Sunday, September 26

PAD Project/ September 26th


PAD Project/ September 25th

Marley thought this was a birdie egg. She carried it around for about 2 hours. (It was only a BB).

Friday, September 24

PAD Project/ September 24th

This picture melts my heart!!!

Friday, September 3

PAD Project/September 4th


PAD Project/September 3rd


PAD Project/September 2nd


PAD Project/September 1st

Since I have tons of pictures to post, I thought I would do a Picture-A-Day project just for the month of September. I'm going to call it my PAD Project.


Wednesday, September 1

we're back in action

So I have felt like the TAZMANIAN DEVIL just spinning around like crazy causing destruction everywhere I go. I have no idea where August went. School started again and it hasn't stopped. A lot has happened in July and August. I still refuse to believe that summer is over. We have spent every light hour at the park, hence the pause in blogging. I have THOUSANDS of pictures. I have done lots of photo shoots, but my brain is left somewhere still in July.

Our family pic was taken by my friend Candice. It was our first time actually attending ward camp. We loved it!!! We got so excited about camping that we went out and found a cheap tent and still haven't been camping since. (kinda like our June tennis phase). :)

Some remarks lately...

Sitani...referring to Elijah
"Mom, can we call him Betsy?"
(someone on the night show for sprout)

Marley: "Mom, your hair looks like a monster in the dark."

Marley... I overheard her telling her cousin
"My daddy is sooooo stwwong."

Sitani is totally obsessed with the word "HEALTHY".
Everything is asked if it is healthy, including going to the park.
He won't even get fries in his happy meal, I accidently forgot and he literally wouldn't eat them.
He gets the apples instead... meanwhile Marley is totally not buying it. She wants her fries.

One day while in the store, she was looking at cookies...
Sitani: Marley do you want cookies?
Marley: Yup
Sitani: Marley, cookies are not healthy. Do you want cookies?
Marley: Yup
Sitani: Do you want to be healthy?
Marley: Nope
Sitani runs to me... literally in tears.

"Mom, Marley doesn't want to be healthy."

She has since then joined the healthy club just to make Sitani happy. I sneak her cookies every now and then.

July and August were nice. We had three birthdays. Haini cut his dreads off. We swam a lot, we went to the park a lot. The kids helped me get my classroom back together, and their big cousin Nata has started his tackle football season so we have watched him play. We had some close friends get sealed in the temple. We are sad that Mark, Laura, Jace and Anabelle are moving away, but September is going to be fun.
Haini starts the academy (hand-cuffs and all).
Sitani starts his first year of soccer.
Marley is so excited to watch him.
And Elijah will continue to throw the ball at any wall he can find or find any sticks he can hit things with. He is growing up. He is so quiet and likes to go and do his own thing, but he is very aggressive with his sticks and balls... all boy. Haini can just throw a ball at him all day.