Tuesday, October 28

The True Suguturaga Fijians

So Suguturaga is a Fijian last name and for some who don't know Heinrich's dad, Sitani, was half Fijian. That makes Heinrich 1/4th Fijian and that makes our kids and da cousins 1/8th Fijian. This is what all da Suguturaga's would look like if they were full Fijian. Hahaha

 Little Miss Bula Vi Naka
Big Chief
Little Chief

Monday, October 27

Ahhh, Such Fun!!!

Thanks to wonderful Laura for taking our pictures and putting up with our craziness and wonderful Jeanne for letting her borrow the camera, we were able to get a family picture finally. We had a blast doing it, too.

I finally found out what Kolohe stands for. Marley had this shirt on at church and Kaimi told me that it means "little rascal: in Hawaiian.  This was a shirt that James and Elizabeth got for her and it says "Proud to be Tongan" on the front. 

This is my 2nd grade teacher face.
This is me trying to do a Marley face. OOOhhhhh!
Marley is all girl when it comes to jewelry. She goes all cutsie with necklaces and bracelets. 

I love Sitani's face here.

And then... the real modeling began. As soon as we started messing around with the camera, Heinrich started pulling out all his poses. Trust me there were a LOT more where this came from. HAhaha!

And of course, Sitani had to follow Heinrich's poses.  This is his Bob Marley Hand on the Head Pose.
Jah Rastafari Pose
Muscle Man Pose
and my favorite... Being Reverent Pose

Look at the reflection in those eyes. WOW
and then we end with Heinrich sniffing Marley's hair or something.

Saturday, October 25

Marley Baby Tag

Kim tagged me with Marley. Here goes. I think that this is more fun for me than anything else. I also want it recorded for my Marley's sake.

1. Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant?
I'm pretty sure that I was in the bathroom.

2. Who was with me?
Haini was at work so it was just Sitani and I. He was around 10 months old.

3. How did you find out that you were pregnant?
I used a pregnancy test from the $1.00 dollar store and I actually took two just to make sure.

4. What was your first reaction to being pregnant?
I couldn't believe it because I had just gotten off the pill only two weeks early. I had also just started my first year of teaching.  Of course I was so excited, too.

5. What was your husband's reaction?
I took a white shirt of Sitani's and I wrote "I'm gonna be a big brother!" The next morning Haini got Sitani out of his bed and read it but he didn't get it or something.  I had to explain that he was going to be a big brother because I was pregnant.  Haini just laughed and said that he already new.

6.  Who was the first person you told?
I think that I told my sister Laura first.

7. Did you plan to get pregnant?
Of course, just didn't think that it would be that fast.

8. Was everybody happy for you?
Of course, my sister-in-law Dalynn was pregnant with Ember at the time so we were excited to be pregnant together again.

9. Did you go out and celebrate?
I don't remember but we celebrate everything everyday anyway.

10. Did you want to find out the sex?
I wanted to wait but Haini wanted to find out. He said that if it was a girl then he would need time to prepare himself. hahaha ? whateva

11. What was the sex?
A girl of course.

12. Did anyone throw your baby a shower?
No, she was my second baby so it wasn't like my first baby where we had nothing.

13. Did you get any outfits that you just knew you weren't going to put on your baby?
Yeah... I think that I gave them away to other preggos. hahahha

14. How much weight did you gain?
around 50 lbs.  Just ask Marnie... at lunch I could put it down.  I almost hit 200 lbs and my remember my mom laughing and saying "This little girl is going to make you hit 200 lbs." That was when she was two weeks over due and I was just gaining weight like crazy.  Thanks Marley for the good times.

15. Did you lose all the weight that you gained?
Yes, very slowly... Sad thing is that I was overweight to begin with so I could stand to shed another 20 pounds.

16. Did you get a lot of stretch marks?
Yes... Only on my belly but it is totally worth it to have a cutie Marley in our family.
P.S. creams don't work.

17. What did you crave?
I went through a cheesecake stage. Once at 9 months I had to chase Haini all over Costco holding this huge cheesecake that I wanted to buy. He was laughing so hard and going fast so all the people would see this huge person waddling with this huge cheesecake. I will never forget how hard I was laughing and almost peed my pants.

18. Did you crave anything crazy?
Not really just a lot of food. I remember that my dad bought me this huge jar of pickles as a joke but I never touched them once.

19. Who or what got on your nerves the most?
Ace body spray- Haini used it and I wanted to gag. I still get sick when I smell it just sprayed.
The smell of makeup- I dreaded putting make up on every morning. It made me sick.

20. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
Yes..when we did the ultrasound to find out the sex they told us that there were some things they had seen that they wanted us to get checked out. We had to go to the hospital and talk with a genetics counselor and they did another ultrasound. They told us that she had problems with her heart, brain and stomach.  They said it could lead to downs, cystic fibrosis or complete mental retardation.  They seemed really confused as they had never seen all three problems at the same time. They told us to wait and see if it some of them cleared up. We went back about 6 weeks later and they had all cleared up. Even the doctors were dumbfounded because they couldn't explain it.  I do remember during that time I got extremely sick and my mom had to come up to take care of Sitani. I also was given a priesthood blessing by my brother-in-law Mark.  After that I felt really calm about the baby and that everything would be alright no matter what happened.

21. Where were you when you went into labor?
I never went into labor. 

22. Did your water break?

23. Who drove you to the hospital?
Heinrich of course.

24. Did you go early or late?
I was two weeks late and extremely anxious.

25. Who was in the room with you when you gave birth?
Only Heinrich... I think that we will keep it that way.

26. Was it video taped?
Are you kidding me? NO!!!

27. Did you have any drugs for pain?
Of Course...anyone who goes through labor without pain medicine and then brags about it is CRAZY.  I really dislike pain and since my labor lasted 13 hours, I was all about the drugs.  What a sissy I know but I recovered fine and left the hospital the next day so I love Drugs.

28. Did you go natural or have C-Section?
I was doing a VBAC so it was really stressful because I didn't want another C-Section. That is why they waited until two weeks past due to induce me and it went really slowly. The last 1/2 hour they almost had to do one until they got the doctor and he saved the day.

29. What was your first reaction after giving birth?
She was gorgeous and her hair was so thick and black. 

30. How big was your baby?
9 whopping pounds and 2 oz.

31. Did your husband cry?
No but he was just so amazed for the rest of the night. He took the camera and just went crazy. He also got to take her to get cleaned up. Needless to say, she came back with blue and white bows in her hair.  Daddy's girl all the way

32. What did you name your baby?
Marley Pasimata Sia-O-Veiongo O'Efeso Suguturaga

33. Did your baby have any complications?
No, we went home the next night. Miracle

34. How old is your baby today?
15 and 1/2 months

35. When is the next one coming?
Maybe sooner than we think.  Hahahaha that is a joke

36. If you could, would you do it all over again?
That is a ridiculously dumb question. In a heartbeat

I tag: who ever wants to brag about their kid.

Friday, October 24

It's All About Marley Day!!!

All this in the time it takes for her to finish a bottle.

Wednesday, October 22

Real Live Home Entertainment

Sitani could seriously bounce on the bed all day. I can't quite understand why a parent wouldn't like this. It is free entertainment and a little bit of exercise and it makes him Happy.  (our beds are just old matresses on the ground anyway)

Marley can officially climb out of her crib.  SCARY. What is even scarier is that one night I let her sleep with Sitani on his bed to see how she would do out of her crib and I caught both of them just walking around the house playing at 4:00 in the morning. No more of that.  Little Stinkers.

Friday, October 17


He didn't want to take pics until I mentioned the word "Bug Juice." Have you ever had it? It is full of sugar. Then he ran around the park for hours. We had a fun day off.

Thursday, October 16

Marley Has a New Lil Friend

Since Marley is insanely obsessed with little doggies (she calls everything "doggie."), we got her a little barking doggie that walks and sits. No it isn't real but if it was it wouldn't have lived past the first day. Seriously she carries it around everywhere hanging by the neck. We will stick to the toys for now.

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