Friday, May 23

The Latest Happenings

This seems to be Marley's favorite spot. She is crazy and of course when Sitani saw me taking pics of Marley he wanted his turn so here he is standing in the basket with his pose.

So our 2nd grade did a Wax Museum where the kids did a character book report and then dressed up as their character.  They had to be frozen while other classes came in and observed them.  It was a lot of fun and the kids did so well pretending to be statues. Paige cracked me up because she chose Sleeping Beauty so she could just lay down and close her eyes.  It was quite the hit.

Sitani actually found this little dot sticker and put it on Marley. I put it on her head and started taking she pictures and she went crazy. I like the bottom one because you can see her lil teethers coming in. The bottom two are uneven. It is so cute.

This was at Sushi Ya and ya Marley loves sushi. She was going crazy as you can tell by her plate. I think she ate her own roll.  (must be a daddy's girl)

Saturday, May 10

Getting Caught Up

Okay so it has been quite a while since I last blogged.  A lot has happened and I feel totally lost with everyone else.  First off, I got strep throat and it wiped me out for about 6 days.  We basically hid out in the house and I felt so sorry for Sitani and Marley. By Sunday, he even got out this huge dress for Marley to wear and kept saying "nursery". The lil guy wanted to go to church.  So I put Marley in the dress and took a picture. I have to laugh because he even folded his arms to be reverent but just ignore the chocolate on his face.
But then I guess he forgot about nursery and started entertain himself with he new mic (plastic tube) and guitar. He put on the funniest show for Marley and I. He kinda looks like a little Jewish boy. hahaha
They also tried on a few clothes and hats, and of course, Marley climbed into the drawer. She is such a climbing baby.

Well, we got through the strep throat and managed to get life back to normal. We even got to spend a night with Daniel, Dalynn, Mika and Ember. It was a lot of fun to play with cousinz.

Then the worst hit. We were trying to get Haini's classes all together online and our computer totally crashed. We worked trying to get it back but apple told us that they thought our harddrive was pretty much corrupted and that we would lose all our pics and music. It was a nightmare. We were able to save it and then it went out on us again. We then had a mac dude come out and look at it. He totally saved all of our stuff and upgraded our computer to the newer iLife. It was a blessing in disguise but now I just want to warn you all to save your pics on cd's just to be safe. Anyway, we are up and running, at least for now.