Sunday, December 30

Get Ready For Next Year!!!

Get ready for the Thomas Reunion next year. It is gonna be a PART-TEEE. Yeah, Yeah.

Our Trip to Yellowstone

Haini & the Snow Blower

I guess that they don't have snow in Tonga (go figure) & so Haini has never been able to play around with a snow blower. On Christmas morning that was all he wanted to do. Right after the presents were opened, dad and him quickly rushed to the gas station to get gas so they could play with it. He had the time of his life going up and down the driveway. He even volunteered to snow blow the whole backyard. It was funny to watch him in his lil house slippas from the window. He had to go and buy boots after that because his slippas were totally soaked. Now he says that he is an official redneck with his snow boots. So I am married to a redneck Tongan.

Marley's First Lil Meal

In the famous words of Haini... "It is so amazing how something so pretty can become something so messy or make something so stinky." HAHAHAHA. Marley has officially entered into baby food world and it is a blast to watch her get all messy.


Christmas was fun. We went to Idaho and spent it with Grandma and Grandpa. Sitani had a blast just running around and getting into mischief. Christmas morning was fun. Marley got a new booster chair to eat in and Sitani got a little barbeque grill so he can grill when Haini cooks. It was a lot of fun.

Friday, December 21

Midnight Madness

We are having some bedtime trouble at our house. With our CRAZY working schedules, we have managed to create some CRAZY kids. Nevertheless, we like to take advantage of all the time we have together even if it is at 1:30 in the morning. I took these shots the other night. I had given them baths, read stories, watched Ratatouille, said prayers (that was after I let Sitani run around in circles and tackle me with trying to get him worn out) and yet they just kept laughing and being totally oblivious that it was 1:00 in the morning. I was getting upset realizing that I have totally failed at the bedtime routine as a mother. But, eeeeeyyyyy what else can I do but just laugh and enjoy the late midnight madness. Any bedtime advice? I'm going CRAZY and talking bubbles at work with no sleep.

Monday, December 17

Portraits of DA Princess

I can't get over how fast Marley is growing. She sits up and is trying to eat everything. It is so much fun to have a little girl. She never really cries much, just kinda squeals (unless you ask Gracie). We like to make her hair go in crazy directions and Sitani loves to give her "umas" and be the big brother. I can't wait until she starts talking and I can understand what is going on behind her little smile.

Random Shots


Sunday, November 11


5 Things I was Doing 10 Years Ago
1. Starting my freshman year at BYU-Hawaii (Go SeaSiders)
2. Starting my freshman 15 (that means lbs.)
3. Taking a Tongan class (never knew I would really need it, should’ve paid attention)
4. Getting to know my roomies from New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Tonga. Samoa, Cali, and the Big Island
5. Trying to teach my roomie from Tonga to swim (hehehe, that was funny)

5 Things I was Doing 5 Years Ago
1. Sitting in the airport realizing my mission is over (yea! Caracas Venezuela Mission)
2. Still trying to wear my pioneer dresses not realizing that my mission was over
3. Starting at Snow College while wishing my mission wasn’t over
4. Cookies in the snow, camping in Moab and other crazy stuff with my roomies and Laura
5. Dating every loser guy out there and wishing that my mission wasn’t over

5 Things I was doing 1 Year Ago
1. Finding out I was pregnant after being off birth control 2 weeks
2. Starting my first teaching job at Cherry Creek Elementary while being pregnant.
3. Trying to manage and actually teach 24 crazy kids while being pregnant
4. Moving all of our stuff into a tinier apartment while being pregnant.
5. Gaining 45 lbs because I was PREGNANT (that was fun!)

5 Snacks I Really Enjoy
1. Fruit Roll Ups
2. Cinnamon applesauce cups (yea! Laura)
3. Graham Crackers (I eat all of Sitani’s)
4. Swedish Fish
5. Spam Musibi with a Blue Raspberry slurpie (If I was in Hawaii)

5 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Paid the power bill (yea! Electricity)
2. Returned shoes and bought diapers with that money
3. Took Sitani and Marley to the park for the last time before winter
4. Should’ve done the dishes
5. Took a nap with Marley and Sitani (once again, should’ve done the dishes. Nah!)

5 Jobs I’ve Had
1. Waitress at Crater Lake National Park
2. Photographer at Polynesian Culture Center (I had to dress people up in hula gear and pose them with models)
3. Graveyard shift at a call center for a T.V. shopping network
4. Magazine/Journal specialist in the library at BYUH
5. Graveyard stocker at Walmart (worst job EVER)

5 Things I Would Do if I Had a Million Dollars
1. Buy a ginormous food storage
2. Buy a house big enough to fit my food storage (with a fenced in back yard and sliding glass door)
3. Buy a fixer up house just to do the remodeling in my spare time (yea right…what spare time)
4. Donate to the mission fund of the church
5. Buy one of those little battery cars for Sitani to cruise around the backyard (Oh yea, invest it too)

5 T.V. Shows I Like (I don’t really know so I’m changing it)
5 Favorite Movies
1. The Other Side of Heaven
2. Dumb and Dumber
3. Cinderella Man
4. Remember the Titans
5. Beauty and the Beast

5 Things I Hate Doing
1. Being cold
2. Eating too much that it hurts (I still keep doing it though)
3. Driving in the snow
4. Being two weeks past my due date
5. Leaving for work in the morning

5 Biggest Joys of the Moment
1. Being together as a family (usually getting tackled by Sitani)
2. Taking naps with people I love
3. Eating Haini’s good cooking
4. Uma’s from Sitani and smiles from Marley
5. Watching Haini play with the kids

5 People Tagged
1. Mom (when she gets set up)
2. Tessha
3. Haini
4. Alisa Christiansen
5. Kim Golding

Friday, November 9

Sitani's Birthday

As you can tell, Sitani's birthday turned into a football game. He got a helmet (the bowl he WAS using was so cute but totally defeating its purpose) and uniform. He got one of those blow up guys to throw it into their net (although he uses it for tackling more) and JayR's kids bought him a football and they all signed their autographs (which will be worth millions some day). He even got two of the cutest little cars from Mark and Laura. It was a hit. We went to Chuck-E-Cheese and ended up playing with each other more than the games. It was just so much fun to be together.

Marley's Blessing

Mom made Marley the cutest blessing dress. It was actually made from old material from my wedding dress. She looked so cutie cutie cutie and Sitani even managed to keep his suit clean. It was so fun to get together. Although Haini always gets totallly nervous he gave her a beautiful blessing in Tongan and the translator gave a beautiful blessing in English (hehehe). The spirit was there and I'd like to think that I have the gift of tongues and could understand it (but really I had the gift of technology.)

Mark's Birthday

The Zoo

Whoever would of thought that there were lions, tigers, camels, zebras, and penquins in Idaho Falls. All that plus we managed to bring the monkeys.

Grandma & Grandpa's

Haini's Pumpkin

This was the first pumkin Haini has ever carved. It was also the smallest pumpkin know to man-kind.

Fridge Tactic

This was Haini's attempt to keep Sitani out of the fridge and pantry (he was scared of the skeleton). Yeah... It only lasted about one day and he had conquered his fear of the skeleton and went back to conquering the frosting in the fridge.

Halloween Police

This was the funniest thing ever. We ran into an old visiting teacher in the mall when we were doing our trick or treating and her little boy had the same costume as Sitani. It was so cute.


Lauaki's Visit

Primary Activity

This was one of our primary activities. They did dances from all the islands. Our ward had Fiji. It was so cute.

Coming Home

Wednesday, November 7

She Finally Came

After two weeks past due, she finally came. We named her Marley Pasimata Sia-O-Veiongo O'Efeso Suguturaga. She was 9lbs and 2oz and 21 1/2 inches.

Tuesday, November 6


We had a lot of fun this past summer while we were waiting for the baby to come. We ate lots of ice cream, spent countless hours at the park, installed tricycles (actually that was Haini), and even managed to get pedicures (because heaven forbid. I needed one when I couldn't see my toes anymore).

Haini's Birthday