Thursday, January 29

Barber-Shop Bonding

This has become some weird kind of bonding time for Sitani and Haini.  Sitani loves to sit on the rotating D.I. chair we have because he is actually high enough he can see himself in the mirror.  Haini will turn up the music and shut the door to our barbershop/bathroom.  After about 1/2 hour later Sitani will yell, "Mommy, look at my hair!"  Usually I just glance in and think to myself, "Why doesn't Haini just draw on paper if he wants to make designs?  Why does he have to use Sitani's hair as an experiment?  Then I see how excited Sitani is with the music up and daddy time.  I think to myself that it is only hair and in the long run he will remember the times together with his barbershop daddy.  Besides it is something that Haini likes doing and he doesn't ever try to stop me from doing all the crazy things I try to experiment doing.  He never laughs at my photos or my messed-up sewing projects(blankets, ties, dresses, skirts, and everything else under the sun).

Sunday, January 25


This weekend I was able to meet up with a couple of old friends for Rachel's baby shower.  I have forgotten what it was like to hang out with these clowns. I haven't laughed so hard in a while and I seriously thought I would be having my baby, too.  These were my bestest buds in school and boy do we have some CA-RAZY memories.  You know that you are tight when you can go a while without seeing each other and then pick up right where you left off.  Of course, there were many of the crew missing but they are off being married and having babies, too.  Life is funny how you are so close and then you get married and your life changes but friendships never change.

Friday, January 23

WhAT a NIght

Okay... Sitani just filled up a bottle of water, dumped it all over the tile, tore off his shirt, and is now slip-n-sliding on the kitchen tile. Oh my GEOSH, what a crazy kid... what a crazy night.


This is what happens when I try to take a shower and Haini is at work. I came out and there was a trail of pink fingerprints that led me to a certain suspect.

It's Basketball Season

Lately our house has become a basketball court (sorry downstairs tenants). Sitani and Marley are both turning into mini slam dunkers and I am constantly hearing "Mommy, watch dis. Mommy, watch me." Basketball season has taken full force this winter and Nata is the biggest influence. We've been watching his games and now, of course, Sitani wants to do everything Nata does. I just love watching little tike basketball games. (Did I also mention that our very intense stake basketball (Church Ball movie-like) season has started as well. Our ward is awesome and sadly to say my belly is growing so rapidly and my lung capacity is shrinking.eek) Go Orem 8!

Little Simeon is on his way to ballerhood, too. 

Tuesday, January 20


Back in the summer, I took a photography class by Nicole Hill. She also told me to bring Sitani over to Rubberball Productions where they do stock photos. He was scared of all the cameras and lights and managed to just stick his finger in his mouth the whole time. I didn't think much of it until this week when we got a check in the mail from them. Yeah... Sitani for bringing in the dough, (not really) but anything counts these dayz.

photo by Nicole Hill

Friday, January 16


I hope I will be seeing a lot more of this during these long winter nights.

Finally, Sitani has started to get interested in actually reading the words and looking at the pictures rather than using the books as a tennis racket or football.  And the other one, she is hilarious. I catch her fake reading to herself all the time.  

Saturday, January 10


Can you guess who this is?
Aaaahhhh!!! What is going on with my cute lil pinky-pink girl.  She found Sitani's underpants (they were clean by the way), put them on, and insisted they stay on with out any clothes over them.  I had to wait until she was knocked out asleep before I could get them off.  She seriously copies everything she sees Sitani do.  

Thursday, January 8

New Years Eve

We had fun on New Year's Eve. We did some shopping for Haini in Salt Lake (he never bought anything as usual) and then we went to this lil Venezuelan Restaurant that was ooohhh ooohhh good. We just kept ordering more and more food. Then we walked around Temple Square to see the light. Sitani was in heaven and Haini was playing "Photographer." He took these pics. I told him that he should become a professional and fly around taking pictures of the temples. Wouldn't that be the Life?
Happy New Year everyone!!!

Friday, January 2

The 1st ThoMOOOSE Family Reunion!!!

Since we decided to have our 1st ever Thomas Family Reunion at Yellowstone... Mark came up with the wonderful and might I add CHEESY idea that our theme should be the ThoMOOSE Reunion. hahaha. Although we never saw a real moose while we were there, we did encounter a couple of funny looking Mooses. (or do you say Meese) hahaha. :)

Since we ended up with a million pictures just between two cameras and about five different people taking pictures I will try my best to do a run down of all the events but I am warning you that there are A LOT and this is seriously only about a 10th of all of them. ENJOY!!!

First off, there was a lot of swimming.

This was Mika's regular "say cheese" smile.

There was a lot of eating and cookie-making.

There was a lot of playing.

The wii was fun for everyone even though they got beat at Bowling everytime. (Haini :)
There was a lot of nose-picking and waiting for Dalynn to come.

There was a lot of FUN in the snow.

This was when Gracie nearly broke her leg because Haini tackled her into the snow. A man even stopped in his car to ask if she was okay. She had the bruises to prove it.

There was a lot of smiling cute faces (and some scary crazy faces).

the mama paparazzi

Do you know who pooped in the park?

There was a lot of beautiful music (when we didn't sing).
Marley made sure she had front row seats so she could give a standing "O" for Jenni.
Mika got her own lil violin for Christmas.   Jenni gave her lessons.
There was a lot of crazy socks.

And finally... there was a lot of stockings, presents, and noise on Christmas.

Preston did a little bit of contemplating over his life. He loved to just sit and look out the window.

It was a BLAST and we totally missed Luke & Jenn and their cute kids and Elizabeth & James.  I have decided that our next reunion 2010 will be in Fiji so get ready... hahaha. maybe when I win the lottery and fly everyone out there. Oh yea... I don't gamble.  :)  Where ever we end up, it will be a PA-ARTY!!!