Saturday, November 29

WARNING: Mushy Love Stuff

Just found this picture this morning and started reminiscing.  4 1/2 years has flown by. Two and 1/2 kids later :) here we are.  Haini is still making me laugh, dealing with me patiently and amazing me with his fathering skills.  Can't wait to see us in 25 years.  Actually, I don't want to know what I will be looking like in 25 years,  so we'll just worry about today.  

Friday, November 28

and so Christmas begins...

So my little buddy Sitani is so fun to have around this holiday. He is hitting that age where Christmas becomes fun as a parent. He gets excited about every little thing he sees that is Christmas or even if he hears the word.
One good thing about living in Utah is seeing the beautiful lights on Temple Square. We make it every year but this year I am extra excited to spend it with Sitani. Let the holiday begin: hot chocolate with whipped cream, christmas music playing, christmas lights around the tree, good ole christmas movies, and of course lots of snow and sledding (lets hope).

(and... no I did not take these shots- it's called Google)

Wednesday, November 26


Me: Hey Sitani, Marley what are you guys doing?
Sitani: We're making messes.

I find them inside the pantry closet, Marley sitting on Sitani's lap, both huddled over a box of Cheerios. I love being a mom. 

Sunday, November 23

My Lil Baller Girl

I know that this one is for sure mine. She is gonna be a baller.

Tuesday, November 18

More Sitani Fun

So I can't believe some of the crazy things that Sitani says. Just in the past 3 hours this is what I heard come out of this little 3 year old kid.

At the gym playing basketball he wanted to shoot on the bigger baskets:
Me: Sitani come and shoot on the little basket.
Sitani: No mom, I'm not little...I'm big.

Then we left the gym and I asked him if we should go to Target or Walmart and he said, "Mom, lets go to Gold's Gym."  (we drove by it the night before)

Later as we got some groceries at Target while in the check out line he points to the magazines and shouts out,  "Look Mom, it is Barrack Obama."  I heard a chuckle out of the old man behind us.

Then on our way out of the store he says, "Mom, my muscles are coldie."  

On our way home he was playing with the ipod and dropped it on accident. I asked him where it was and he said that it got lost. When we got home, he got out of his seat and said, "Misca, Moosca, Mickey Mouse." Then he reached down and grabbed it and said, "Yeah...I found it with Mickey Mouse."

I wish I had a tape recorder to keep track of this little mind. I think 3 is my favorite stage but I guess that I have said that every stage is my favorite so far.

Sunday, November 16

Warning: No More Umas From Sitani

The other day Heinrich had a conversation with Sitani that went something like this...
Heinrich: Sitani, come give daddy uma (kiss).
Sitani: No umas daddy, only Marley umas.

So Heinrich told me about that little conversation and I thought nothing of it until this morning when I had my own conversation with Sitani that went like this...

Me: Sitani, come give mommy umas.
Sitani: No more umas mommy. Sitani has muscles.

So my little monkey got attacked by umas. I think that he thinks he is big and all but every time we ask him how old he is, he says 2. And every time we ask Marley how old she is, she says 3. (her one and only favorite number.) Our kids are growing up too fast.

Saturday, November 15

A Week Like This

Ever have a week like this? Sick kids, sick husband, sick self. My kids have learned that when everything piles up JUST PLAY IN IT.  :) (P.S. All of these clothes are clean and managed to go right back on the floor.)  I will try to get it together today but if anyone wants to do some pics...the weather is nice.  Call me. It is short notice but just let me know when and where. I got a lot of requests from people and then I went into hiding. Sorry.  I think that Saturday through Tuesday are supposed to be good weather.  The best times are around 10:00 in the morning or 4:00 in the evenings

Thursday, November 13

Fall Has Come and Almost Gone

These girls gave Marley this fun lil balloon at the park. Although I have no idea what two college girls were doing with a yellow balloon, it was really nice of them.

Tuesday, November 11

Happy Birthday Sitani

Thanks to Grace for being the COOLEST AUNTIE EVER!!! She took Sitani to the BYU game and managed to take pics along the way to record the memory. He had a blast and we now officially have a 3 year old. Wowsers.

some tackle time during half time

the real game was going on in the bleachers with little plastic guys. 
(Partyland $3.00=Priceless)
Grace tried to get him to do #1 but all he knows is that he was 2 years old.

ringing the victory bell afterwards
posing with Cosmo
the walk home

Monday, November 3


Halloween was fun this year. We all met up at the mall and got lots of candy and took a lot of time just goofing off. 
Marley the Angel with Chucks

Grace and Marley
The Whole Crew
The Crazy Sugu Tribe
Sitani the Boxer
Lia, Becky, and Christy
JayR dressed as Haini and Haini dressed as himself.
Sitani and Lia
Chip was the mall favorite and had people coming up and asking for pictures.
Jace's little ghost bum
Mark, Laura, and Jace
Sami the Chef