Monday, September 29

Another Saturday, Another Game!!!

I will be really sad when Nata (my nephew) is finished with his lil football season. Mostly because it is wonderful to get up on a Saturday morning and take Marley and Sitani to run around and play with all their fun cousins. Then we go home and they crash asleep leaving me some beautifully, perfect Saturday naptime. Yeah!!!
Lili is the only girl that Sitani is allowed to tackle and that is because she is in training, too.  She always says that Nata is training her.  She also wears her jersey around everywhere.
Nata was the QB a couple of times and he threw some good passes.
This was his first touchdown. Yeah!!!
Entering the end zone!!!
The parent tunnel
Marley's game face
Jordan and Simeon's little game on the side.
Little Sitani watches everything that Nata does and his favorite thing is after the games when Nata will tackle him a couple of times.  He gets so excited!!!!

Crazy Shoe Day!!

Last week was our Green Safety Week and so we've had crazy glasses day and crazy mismatched shoes. That way we can be safe and watch and walk safely across the street. Yeah!!!

Monday, September 22

Love Bug!!!

I don't know what it is but I think that I caught this little love bug for my hubby lately. Could it be because he watched Sitani and Marley from 8:00 to 4:00, ran to work for a pick up (just trying to get some extra hours), finished there about 10:30 p.m., and then after that he stopped by Smith's and did the grocery shopping (I really dislike grocery shopping). What a man!!!

Or is it because he left me this fabulous note on our fridge that totally made my day.
Or is it because on the way home from work I heard this song for the first time and started reminiscing.  No Jo-Bro haters please.

Or is it because he got me these for my birthday
and even better he bought me TWO of these.
Or is it because he totally made me listen to this song that has been repeating on my ipod for the past week. (He is always putting music into my life and I steal all of his songs.)

Or is it because I got this little shot of him and Marley that just makes me think he is the greatest dad ever!!!
Or is it because he took us to the Matisiyahu concert on a Thursday night and made me feel like I was some college kid again.  P.S. It was Awesome!!!

Whatever it is, I always catch myself during the day just laughing as I remember crazy funny things he does. I've totally caught a bug thing.

Sami's Birthday Party!!!

Sunday, September 21

Seth is Back!!!

It's official... Seth (my littlest brother) has stepped back on American soil after serving an LDS mission in Germany.  We were able to spend a couple hours with the family before they all headed up to Idaho. 

Wednesday, September 17

Little Miss Lia!!!

I could follow this crazy nut around all day.  She is her own little person 100%.


Sunday, September 14

Game Day!!

We had quite the Saturday this week. It started out with a fun visit from Jace while Mark and Laura went the temple.  I say visit because this kid is seriously the EASIEST baby I've ever seen. He was so adorable and just loved having Marley wanting to be Lil Mommy and alway hold him and Sitani wanting Jace to hold the football the whole time. The only time he started to get a little fussy was when his psycho crazy auntie Kristi was trying to think she is a photographer.  He slept and even managed to drink his bottle in the car while being propped by blankets.  Oh yeah, and pacifiers became quite the trend for a couple of hours.  Both Sitani and Marley wanted to be like Jace. (they never even used pacifiers but they saw Jace with one and decided it was cool.)
Apparently this little otter is Jace's first lil inseparable friend

At 12:00 we wizzed over to Gracie's apartment to drop Sitani off for his first BYU game with Gracie.  He was sooooo excited and kept yelling "Go BYU!!!!" in the car on the way over.  Then we stopped by the temple to drop off Jace. Finally, there was only Marley and I left in the car (which never happens.) She got excited and started smiling when I put Sitani's helmet on here let her hold his football, too. That never happens.  Then we raced over to Lehi to catch the last couple minutes of Nata's football game.

After playing there for hours, we drove back into Provo to pick up Sitani from Gracie's apartment. Yeah cougars for wiping out UCLA!!! Yeah Gracie for being the coolest auntie ever. He hasn't stopped talking about Cosmo, high fives, rah rah rahs and kicks.  He now thinks that everyday is a BYU game.  
Then on our way home, Haini called and he had just gotten home from work. He asked us to get Chips and Dip. I just laughed and asked why. He said, "It's game day!" All I could do was laugh. My game day was over!!!