Monday, April 21

Spring Break!!!

We had an awesome spring break!!! I forgot what it feels like to not have to get up and go to work every morning. It was so so so much fun just to play all day. Wouldn't that be the life.

Ice cream at Reed's Dairy was perfect (as you can see).
I bought a new car but could only afford 1/2 of it. Hahaha. Nah we just saw this on our way to LAS VEGAS!!!!
We went down there to this Hawaiian Aloha Festival that was so much fun. It was both of our first time going to Vegas. It was a blast. We never even touched a slot machine but still managed to spend so much money with the outlets and shopping. Oh well, it was so much fun.
Haini bought Marley and me a cute little turtle necklace at the Hawaiian Swap Meet. It has a plumeria flower on its shell.
Haini also bought this cute lil hat for Sitani and now he calls it his Bob Marley hat. He is obsessed with it.

Marley loved the music. She would clap when she saw others dancing. She just might be out lil reggae star.
This is a pic of one of Haini's friends Pati who sang at the concerts. He totally hooked us up with free passes for both nights and he even gave us a free buffet ticket. What a man. That was about $140.00 worth of freeness. Yes!!!
The two lil kids having some bonding time. looks like someone is getting tired. I love this picture of Marley.

Sunday, April 13

Blue and White Day

Saturday was the big and might I add "FREE" BYU Blue and White game. We had fun and it was a perfectly sunny day.  This is my favorite pic because we entered the stadium and he just got so excited and started shouting Go BYU. I think that he remembered it from last years games with Haini.
Lili and Sitani
Marley with her ponytail cousins
and... of course Auntie Grace came to make it even more exciting.
After the game, JayR took Sitani down to the field to meet the players. One even put his helmet on him.  He loved it.
This is where the real game started. We played on the field for about a hour afterwards. Sitani made his run in and said hello to his wild and crazy fans.
Marley was just excited to feel the sun and touch grass.
A little moment to cool down and reflect on the game.
Oops. Mom said "time to go."
A little stop at the park on the way home. 

Wednesday, April 9

Crazy Kids

I woke up yesterday from a long night of musical beds. Somehow Sitani, Marley and I all ended up on Sitani little twin bed. I was even more shocked to see how the two were sleeping. This is for reals. Sitani had his foot resting on her bum and then he had his others one crossed over the top. I was cracking up because Marley was totally knocked out and didn't even move while her body was up against the wall too.
Here is a little bit of a closer look at the brother sister foot action.
This seems to be Marley's favorite spot of the house.  Everytime I turn around she has climbed the beanbag and is tapping her hand on the table. I think that she likes to be up high and that is the highest she can get. She hasn't fallen YET... but is so scary. I think I will be moving the table around or something soon.
Here is another one the these crazy kids thinkin that they own the kitchen. Sitani had the freezer door open trying to get ice cream and Marley had the cabinet open trying to get I do not know.  (Yes that is a little potty) He dragged his potty out of the bathroom to use as a stepping stool. I wish he would use it for what it is suppose to be used for.
Sitani found this box with binoculars in them. He got so excited and I didn't think that he would know what they are for. He quickly went to the window and tried to pull up the blinds and look out.  Wow... my little spy kid was entertained for almost an hour. I hope our neighbors didn't walk by.  Oops.
These kids are so crazy. Where is their mama?

Friday, April 4

I'm Too Sexy For My Picture

Okay.. I always write about the kids and sometimes forget the exciting life of Haini. Here is a picture from rugby. He went to practice and they ended up taking pics of him and made it into a promoting poster for UVSC rugby.  Wowsers... Watch out.  Now that is intimidation.
Raw fish anyone????  Here are some pics of his recent sushi rolling.  Now let me see your sushi roll. Okay...not really.  Please stop.
MMMMMMMM. My own little plate of California Roll. I love that stuff.
Some Chicken on a stick with his SECRET SAUCE.  OOOOHHHH. 
This one cracks me up because he wanted a picture of the sushi next to his little friend "The Lucky Buddha."

Thursday, April 3

Guess who is walking?

Yes!!! Sitani is walking. JOKE!!! Hahahahaha. Okay there has been quite the drama in our house lately. I have been trying desperately to get Marley to walk for me because I could feel that it would be any day now and I didn't want to miss it. On Monday, she managed to take 2 steps for me and then she just jumped into my arms. I was really nervous that she would take her first real steps while I was at work. Sure enough, Haini called me yesterday at work and said that she got up and was walking across the room. I didn't believe it. So last night, sure enough, I saw her stand up in the middle of the room and totally walk to me. AAAAHHHHHH. It was so cute because she is just grinning and laughing. She seems to be so excited. She did it a couple of times. Just my luck, that I would miss that moment while at work but I'm sure that I will see her walk many times in my life. MArley is growing up and she can't wait to be able to run around with Sitani. Believe me..I'm trying to potty train Sitani but Marley wants to be in the bathroom with him too. Haini says that she just wants to be the supervisor. As you can see, this is a picture of when Sitani left the fridge door open and ran away and I caught Marley in the fridge trying to suck on Haini's hotsauce bottle. THat would have been fun. AAAAHHHHH kids are so much fun.
Marley in the fridge just looking at the wonderful world of sauces.

Sitani totally fell asleep in this position. I turned around and wondered why it was so quiet. He had chip dip all over his face. 
And you wonder why she is fascinated with the fridge. My kids think that they own the pantry.  It is funny to watch them just try to get what they want to eat.
This one cracks me up. It is like the call of the wild.  I think that she is trying to suck on his heel.
Here is another great moment at the high chair. I can't feed Marley without her grabbing the spoon and fighting to hold it herself. I have to give her two spoons for each hand and then I can feed her with my spoon.
These two just love to cruise around the living room together in their hot red convertible. Check out the muscle man.  
I don't know if he put her in there or she chose to go in there but I came out and he was trying to get in there with her. Once again, naked.
Sitani got a new bed and within two minutes of Haini getting it insidehe had his helmet and ball and started to break it in. He loves to bounce on the bed. I love it too. He gets really tired and it is free entertainment.
This is Sitani and his famous backward four layer underpants. He has finally started to sit still while we read books. I catch him trying to read the books to himself in his room.  His favorite is "No David."