Saturday, January 26

Photo Session

Okay so it is 2:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday and as you can tell I have been going pysco with the blogging thing lately.  I might be just a little bored.  Marley slept in until 12:30 and Sitani woke up at 10:30 and then went back to sleep at 11:00. (It was a late night).  I have done the laundry, cleaned the house and actually finished the dishes.  I am totally bored.  We've been inside all day because of running noses and bad weather.  So we decided to do a photo session.  Inspired by another blog I saw, I have been trying to mess around with my camera and computer (mom, thanks for the camera...I love it).  So here is what we ended up with.

Our Song

Okay Gracie... Sorry to bring up sad times with your 
lil Jeffy song. 
 This can be our new song. NO BOYS ALLOWED. 
(except brothers and brother-in-laws)  

Thursday, January 24

Football & Popcorn

This is a video of Sitani doing his football moves to my beautiful singing.  

Movin' Marley

For those of you who do not know, Marley came two weeks past her due date and still didn't seem to want to move.   I had to be induced and even that took so long that the doctors almost gave up and wanted to just give me another C-Section.  It seemed like she just didn't want to move.  Well for some of you who don't know, she is just 6 months and she is moving.  This little girl has been crawling for almost a month now.  She kept going backwards. She would back up into everything and get stuck. Haini always joked that she needed a rear-view mirror and a beeping noise. Well, just this week she has started to go forward. If I go in the other room, she'll crawl into that room.  Today I turned around and she had pulled herself up again.  She stood there long enough for me to get a picture of her.  I think that she just sees Sitani running around like a crazy boy with no clothes on.  It is just crazy to me that the same little girl who didn't want to move is all over the place now.  

Monday, January 21

Our Little Boo

So Gracie and her roommate came over last night and Marley was wide awake with her little piggie tails.  Her roommate said that she looks just like the little girl "Boo" on Monsters Inc. Hahahaha. So now we have our own little Boo. 

So now the real question is who looks like the Blue Monster and One-Eyed eyeball? HHHHMMMMM.

Saturday, January 19

My Own Hunky Husband Survey

Okay so I really like all the cute little dedications everyone has been making for their lil companions (even Seth's made me crack up). It has been fun to read them and get to know new things. I'm finding that some of my brothers have really grown up and it is funny to see how they are with their spouses now (not like the ole days). I'm going with the title of Jenni's one. It sounds soooo Oooh, Lala. So here is my hunky husband survey.
What is his name?
Heinrich Gregory Suguturaga (but in Tongan it is Haini for short)

Where was he born/raised?
He was born in Kahuku, Oahu, Hawaii but was taken to New Zealand when he was only 2 months old. He ended up in Tonga and was raised in Mua. He was raised by his grandma's sister.  It is funny to hear all the stories of when he was a child.  They were really poor and he talks of getting water from the roof and eating some interesting meat. (skinning a rat)  He says they used to ride their bikes to the airport just to watch people come off the planes.  He also says that he used to skip school a lot and just cruise around the island going swimming, fishing and watching old kung-fu movies with his friends.  Aside all of this, he was really loved by Pasimata (the woman who raised him). She loved him, gave him the best she had, kept him clean and always had relatives send New Zealand chocolates.  He left Tonga when he was sixteen and has never been back  Maybe someday.
Here is Haini in New Zealand with some family.  He is the one in the front with white sneakers on.
Here is Haini in the front and middle.  His brother is the farthest left.
Where did he/she serve a mission? (I made that one up)
Haini is a convert so it is pretty funny that he was called to serve in Salt Lake CIty Tongan Speaking Mission where everyone knows everything about the church.  
This is during the Olympics in Salt Lake City.
How did you meet? 
It is a CAAAA-RAZZZY story but I used to volunteer on Saturday mornings in the temple. It was one morning when President Hinckley was rededicating the temple grounds. I was so excited that maybe he would come into the temple the morning of. I asked if I could be the greeter (which I usually was anyway). That morning I stood for four hours at the passageway where people come after they show their recommends. To my great surprise the prophet didn't walk in but Haini did. He just looked at his feet and walked by. I thought he was totally hot and I know that is so bad because I was checking him out in the temple, but then my friend Irene came in to do a session and I started to tease her. I was jokingly saying, "There is this hot guy in the temple. Better watch out, in the celestial room. Don't make any eye contact." We laughed and then he actually walked by and I was like, "There he is." My other friend Ofa just laughed and said that was Ma'afu's cousin and Irene is actually related to Ma'afu. Anyway, we joked around and I honestly never thought I would see him again because he did not live in Laie or go to BYU-Hawaii. One month later, I got a call from another friend to hook me up on a blind date. He called me on Sunday and then Wednesday and then on Friday, we went on a big group date. Turns out it was him. I look back on that morning and laugh because I was so excited to see the prophet and I never imagined I'd see my future husband.
This is from our first date.  He was too shy to eat.  That bracelet is from a girl, too.
How long did you date? 
Hahaha...I never thought it would happen as fast as it did but we only dated for three months and we were only official for one of those months and in all three months I left Hawaii three times. (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Daniel & Dalynn's wedding). It was some crazy times.
This was from another one of our dates
Who said I love you first? 
He did. It caught me by surprise. I was at home for Christmas and he called on Christmas and we talked and then we hung up. Then he called back two minutes later and said it. Wow, butterflies.
How did he/she propose? 
There are a lot of different versions. He says that I proposed to him but really I was only bringing up the topic of marriage. I guess he thought that I was proposing at that moment. Hahaha, but at another time, when he first proposed it was totally romantic and a cool experience. Then there was later, when he actually had the ring. It is the funniest story ever. He got down on his knee and said..."I bowed to the king of Tonga once and I promised that I would never bow to anyone else, but if you would be my wife, then I will bow to you everyday. I totally ruined a moment and busted out laughing so hard. I couldn't help it, with the king of Tonga and all. Then he put the ring on my finger and it wouldn't fit. It only fit around my pinky. Still to this day, we joke around about my MAN-HANDS. (remember that Seinfield episode?)
Look at those man hands.
How long have you been married?
We've been married for 3 years, 6 months, 19 days, and I'm too lazy to count the minutes.
How old is he? 
He is 26. He is actually two years younger than me and calls me Grandma everyday. (I have gray hair and forget everything)
Who is taller?
He is 6'1 and I am only a short and stubby 5'4.

Who eats more? 
It depends on what we are eating. I think that he eats more but he eats more healthier than me.

Who sings better? 
Well, I can't carry a tune at all. Haini, for sure, sings more. He constantly has reggae music on and is totally into his funky funny dance moves that make me laugh. We'll be talking and whenever something relates to some song that he knows, he'll bust out singing the song. We never have a conversation where he doesn't break out into some kinda song. Sitani likes to mimic his dance moves, too. We won't even talk about my dance moves.
Marley is named after our Uncle Bob.
Who is smarter? 
I would like to think I am smarter, but Haini seems to always pick up on things faster. I don't know how he does it because he only really lived in the States since he was around a Junior in High School. English is his second language but he says words in English that I don't even know. I would, for, sure, say that he has more COMMON SENSE than I do. So yes, Haini is smarter.

Whose temper is worse?
Haini is really mellow. He works with troubled teens and so many guys have come and gone because they were fired losing their temper and hitting a kid or something, but Haini has worked there for over two years and doesn't let them push his buttons. I get pretty grumpy at night if I haven't slept and so Haini ends up rocking Marley to sleep a lot of times. My temper is defiantly worse. Although, being married to Haini has helped me to not take everything so seriously. He makes everything into a joke and I mean EVERYTHING.
After an operation he had.
Remember the leopard sheets?  hahaha.
Haini does his laundry and I do mine and the kids. I have magical powers of turning white into pink or blue. He is scared for his poor precious clothes.

Who does the dishes?
That would be me because like Jen, I like to do them.  Although, I have to say that Haini will do them if things get too busy and they sit too long in the sink.  

Who cooks more?
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Who pays the bills?  
That would be me.

Who mows the lawn?  
We don't have one, but I have a really cool pic of Haini with his trusty weed-eater.  He has worked for his dad's company with landscaping and tree-trimming. He knows a lot about plants and has a lot of experiences trimming really tall skinny coconut trees. Some of you may not know this, but he is a liscensed Arborist.
Who drives when you are together?  
Haini always drives.  That would feel so weird to drive.   

Who is more stubborn?
We can both be pretty stubborn in our own way.  

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Since I am never wrong (joke) Haini is, for sure with out a doubt, the first to always say sorry. He is really good about that. Something I need to work on. He doesn't like contention so he always tries to make me laugh and make things better.

Whose family do you see most of the time?
Since we live in Utah and are closer to my parents we see them a lot. A lot of his family live in Hawaii so we don't see them.
All of his siblings except for Pasi who was on a mission at the time and an older brother Miki who passed away.
Who has more brothers and sisters?
We have a tie.  We both have 9 siblings.
Who wears the pants in the family?  
We actually share the pants a lot.  (Haini jokes that I don't wear the pants, I wear a Moo-Moo.) Remember the part in the "Proclamation to the Family" where it says "In these sacred responsibilities, mothers and fathers are obligated to help one another as equal partners" we take that literal.  Right now Haini is still in school so I work during the day while he watches the kids.  Then he works from 4 to 11 while I watch the kids. He knows how to do all the domestic chores as well as work as many hours as I do.  He is really close to the kids and has a special bond with them.  We have both been able to come together and wear the same pants (and yes they are very large pants). Somethings are really important to him and somethings are really important me so we compromise a lot.

Okay so my lil Hunky Husband Survey is done.  I am so thankful for Haini.  I still get butterflies in my stomach when he comes home from work (dreadlocks and all).  He is defiantly my other half.  We have come a long way from when we first got married.  We have been through a lot.  We've had a miscarriage, Haini father passed away, and we've moved over 5 times.  I am so amazed when I think of all that he has been through and where he is now.  He has a big heart with a lot of forgiveness and love for everyone. He just keeps plowing over adversity.  I am excited to see us 10 years from now with more kids and all.  He makes everyday special.  He makes you want to just be happy and enjoy each day.  He always helps me stop and enjoy the flowers, food, or laughter.  He is one of the biggest reasons why my life is so happy. (Sitani & Marley are two other BIG reasons) 

Sunday, January 6

Mark's Favorite

Well, for some of you who do not know this... I LOVE HELLO KITTY. Yeah, I know that it is quite immature of me. Haini tells me that it is for 8 year old girls, but I just can't seem to shake it from my very grown up, sophisticated, mature, (hahahaha) adult personality. I was introduce to Hello Kitty on the mission because it was just all over Venezuela. I think that it was something fun that kept me from taking myself too serious and going crazy. What an excuse I know, but needless to say, I LOVE HELLO KITTY. I don't know why her name is "Hello" Kitty. Haini always says, "Hello, Helllllooow Kitty."
So I have long awaited the day that I could have a girl and buy little Hello Kitty stuff for her. In professing my love for this little kitty, I have found out that Mark also LOVES and I mean LOOOOOOOOVES Hello Kitty. (actually he can't stand Hello Kitty and despises everything that is Hello KItty with a PASSION.) But I just I just hope that Laura and Mark have a girl so I can just spoil her with all the Hello Kitty stuff in the world, and trust me there is a lot of Hello Kitty stuff in this world. (I might could find a Hello Kitty motorcycle) Let's just hope they have a girl because I don't think that Mark wants his boy playing with Hello Kitty. P.S. Thank you Mark for the cutest little Hello Kitty carrier for Christmas.