Friday, August 29

Belly Button Girl

 I don't know what it is with my kids and their belly buttons but this little girl is obsessed with hers.  (I know how much Marnie and Alisa love their belly buttons.)

Wednesday, August 27

We Love to see the Temple

Today I came home from work and Haini had to rush off to work. I asked Sitani what he wanted to do. I said, "Do you want to go to the park and then the store?" He then replied by saying, "No store...Temple." So we went to the temple and had a wonderful little evening rolling down the big hill and teaching that we don't pick the flowers. (oops, I think that Sitani picked at least a dozen. He kept trying to put them in Marley's ear.) The funniest part was when he saw people going into the automatic doors. He started rushing over to go inside until I caught him quickly. He just touched the glass of the door and pointed inside saying, "Mommy, prophet." I could hear chuckles all around me and then he kept screaming it out loud. Aaaahhh, what fun!!!

and...Sitani actually took this one.

Sunday, August 24

Saturday Mornings

All I can say is that, "I love Saturday mornings" and "my kids are crazy!"

Wednesday, August 20

Jack Johnson Concert

I love, love, love my awesome, bodacious, coolest hubby of all.  He surprised us with tickets to the Jack Johnson concert of which I have been waiting for all summer.  He told us to get in the car and that we would go to Wingers, then he said that he actually wanted to go to this buffet in Salt Lake and then afterwards he told us that we were going to go walk around Temple Square. Meanwhile I was very much aware that his concert had already started and that maybe just maybe we would actually be going there. I was so happy when we saw lines of cars parked up the sides of the roads. 
We got there just as he was going on. JayR and Christy were there, too.  So that was totally the night of my life.  We sat on the lawn and listened to his music under the stars. It was a blast. I love my cool husband. He is more of a reggae man (obviously) but he made it fun. 

Tuesday, August 19

School Starts Tomorrow!!!

As you can see, we have been spending quite a bit of time at the school these dayz.  

Thursday, August 14

My Beautiful Sister and Her Cool Hubby

Hahahaha!!! This picture is actually taken behind this garbage dumpster. 

I love you guys.  Have a safe trip back to Hawaii.  Maybe we'll get to see you when you come for the Germany trip.

Wednesday, August 13

James & Elizabeth - Not Yet Finished

These two little love birds are quite the cutest couple on the planet. Sorry guys... I'm not done editing but I will post them as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me practice on you and for putting up with the posing. hahahaha!!!

Jace's Baby Blessing

Laura and Mark decided to have Jace's baby blessing at home rather than in sacrament meeting. It was a lot of fun to be around with family and I have to say that I liked the idea.  He looks more and more like Mark everyday.  (and Laura looks more and more like me everyday)  hahahaha. We both had our hair dyed darker and we seem to be looking more like twins. (but I must add that Laura's nose is much smaller and cuter. :)
Elizabeth and James are going to be having their first baby in January.  Elizabeth has totally lost her memory.  It is rather funny.
She is a total daddy's girl. Thanks to Auntie Lavi for the cutest dress on the planet.
James was just chillin out.  Must be a surfer-boy.

I loved this dog.  Mark's mom also had the cutest flowers and decorations all over her house.
This sophisticated mommy was also looking beautiful as ever.  Dalynn, you're gorgeous.

Monday, August 11

No More Buffets (Yeah Right!!!)

So I woke up this morning to every muscle in my body being totally sore. Why, do you ask?  Well, SOMEBODY (thank you Jenni) decided to talk me into trying to run a 5K when I don't even run daily to begin with. AAAAHHHH. I am so sore and the sad thing is that I went to two buffets the day before which is another story for another day.  Needless to say, I am thankful to Jenni for the wake up call of shock my body is now feeling.  It was a lot of fun and totally needed.  Thanks girl!!