Sunday, March 30

Filipo's Birthday

Yesterday was Haini's little cousin Filipo's Birthday. We always go up to Bountiful to get together with all their kids on their birthdays. They are all Haini's little cousins (but we call them Sitani's cousins) and totally cute. JayR's kids always come too. It is fun to watch them all play together and Sitani loves all his older and bigger football cousins. Their dad (Haini's uncle) played for the Seahawks back in the day and so their kids are all huge and Sitani has always been the youngest boy of them all and so they always try to play soft with him. He is getting bigger now and thinks that he can just jump in a play football with the big boys. It is fun to watch him try to keep up with them.

Karly's Picture

Hey Jen, I took that pic that you wanted a flash on and just lightened it. You can put it on your computer by just dragging it out of my blog.  Let me know if it works. She is so cute.

Saturday, March 29

Playing With Auntie Gracie

Easter Weekend

These are pictures from last weekend. Mom, Dad, Alisha and Tessha came up for Easter. It was a lot of fun to be together. WARNING: There are a lot of pictures.