Sunday, July 27

4 Years and 2 Kids Later

Wow!!! I can't believe that we've been married for 4 years already.  We recently celebrated our anniversary.  (actually a month ago)  oops.  I've been thinking a lot about the past couple years and the future.  All I can say is that marriage gets better with every year and with every kid.  It has been a blast to be married to the funniest guy ever.  He is the type of guy I always wanted to marry and ten times more.  He is more of a father than I could have ever asked for my children and incredibly patient with my crazy-old-grandma-forgetful self.  He is a sushi chef, laundry man, potty-training, reggae-lovin type of guy.  There isn't a day that goes by where he doesn't turn his music up and get Sitani and Marley 'dancin'.  It seems like he always just wants to make us happy.  
Our life has been so crazy with ups and downs but I am thankful for everyone of our experiences because we've grown together.  We have been incredibly blessed in SO SO SO many ways I can't even count them all.  We have been blessed with two beautiful and healthy kids and I can't wait to have more.  I always think back on all the fun we've had together.  I know that there are a lot more trials ahead but it will be okay as long as we do it together. 
We luf you Haini!!!!!  You are our Rasta Buddah Monkey Daddy.  (sorry about the cheesy post, Haini. hahahaha)
da dating dayz

Without these girls, I would have never met Haini.  Much mahalos ladies.
all of Haini's lil brothers and sisters

Saturday, July 26

A Taste of Grandma & Grandpa's

I LIED WHEN I SAID THAT MARLEY'S BIRTHDAY WAS THE LONGEST POST EVER. We went to Idaho for the week and it turned into a week long photo shoot. Dalynn and I had so much fun going places with the kids so we could take pictures. I love you Dalynn. I had so much fun and thanks for putting up with my constant click click of the camera. I have only two weeks until work starts so I am just going crazy. Here it goes... the longest post in all of blogging history.
Auntie Alisha on the Favorite Swing

Dalynn and her Juice
Wow...Dalynn truly is beautiful inside and out.

Lil Miss Ember Grace (aka Apple)

the Trampoline

I love this quilt. (can that be added in the will...Mom) :)
at the Zoo

The lady walking in thought that Marley was part of the exhibit.  
The funny thing is that we were in the monkey exhibits.  
Can you tell which ones are the monkeys?

melting, drippy, sticky popsicles
I just love Ember's eyes.

Roar... there is a lil girl camouflaged into the tiger.  Can you spot her?
Thanks for letting us use the van.. Dad.
the Water Park

Planting Flowers with Grandma

Sprinkler Fun!!!

Helicopter Flights with Auntie Grace

I could just follow Dalynn and her girls around all day and snap pictures. They are so photogenic and Daniel is one lucky guy to have these three beauties all to himself.

Sitani's bum was hilarious. Where is his mother?

I think the green water bucket is Sitani's favorite toy at Grandma and Grandpa's.

I heard some loud giggling outside and came out to these two playing on the tramp. 
Sitani was just giggling and laughing at Dalynn.

Can we say "yummy peas?" Can we say "pedicure?"

Mika is so animated and full of life. She could 
entertain me for hours just by her facial expressions.

The party ended when Ember threw up.  This is afterwards. Poor thing.
We were so excited to see Jace even if it was only for a couple of hours.
What is visit to grandma and grandpa's house without a picture of the piano.