Monday, June 30

Sitani's Haircut

Our lil Fro-Boy
Daddy's Barbershop
Our lil Stud-muffin

Friday, June 27

He's Here!!!

After a lot of waiting...
he finally came.
Jace Harmon Nelson
and... he is so so so cute.

Tuesday, June 24

i LOVE these thighs

I love these chubby thighs.
I love this squishy belly, too.
I love this funny lil girl.
We went to Mark and Laura's this afternoon and played in the sprinklers (even though the kids just followed Mark around everywhere and wanted to see his motorcycle).  This is Tina's beautiful lil girl and I love her lil chunky thighs, too.  
(P.S. Don't worry, I won't show you a pictures of my thighs.) AAAHHHHH!!!

Monday, June 23

Old Times

I found these old old old photos from back in the dayz in Chiloquin. I took them for my senior project about the "family." I had to develop them in our school dark room. Anyways they have been worn out. I kinda like the old textured look. They are totally overexposed but fun to look back and remember Chiloquin.

Monday, June 16

Happy Fudderzzzz Day Haini!!

And... this is why I love Heinrich.  He's our SuperDad!!!
And we love Grampa, too.

Sunday, June 15

Sucker Kid

And...This is what I love about Sitani (yes, even the crying).


This is what I love about summer.  

Thursday, June 12

Muscle Man

Haini was having a fun time with the camera. I guess he was trying to get Sitani to flex his muscles. Maybe we need to do some Haini muscle shots next. Hahaha

Monday, June 9

Haini's Hats and Shoes

I had to do this assignment for a class and was suppose to take 10 faces and 10 shoes. I only got to 4. Oh well, we had fun with Haini's hats and shoes.

Friday, June 6

and... More Buttons

Can you tell that school is out and it's finally SUMMER!!! ?  (note that I'm back on my blogging binge).  Warning...there are a lot of photos.
Sitani found this hat and wouldn't take it off all day. His head was sweating like crazy.

A morning with the cousins turned into an all day sports festive.
Obstacle courses... it is always fun to see what kids can create.
I look back on all the pictures of Lili that I took and she is folding her arms in almost every one. This girl cracks me up.  She is so proper.

This one cracks me up. I got Marley when she lost her balance and started rocking.  (she didn't fall, though)  That is because she is "Mighty Baby."

Hahahaha. This lil guy even looks cute when he is crying. I don't think that he appreciated me taking a picture at this very moment.  Maybe that is why he was crying even more,
skateboard shadow tricks
Can you tell what Amalia is doing in the background?